Amazing Customer Service

Encino California, Monday 19 August, 2013

I was trying to buy a Quartz ACO linear drain that was holding up our remodel project. Other dealer in Woodland Hills was supposed to be able to get it to us in 3-4 days but they were giving first my contractor and then me the total run-around when we tried to order it (e.g., we must go to showroom; must speak to salesperson but they are all busy; salesperson calls back but about to go to lunch; sorry but the salesperson will call you back in the morning, etc.) After a totally frustrating day in which I had gone to the other showroom at 10am and, at the end of the day, they still hadn't gotten around to ordering my drain, I decided in desperation to order one online, and found the Flooring Supply Shop. What a great decision!! First, I was amazed that they had the drain IN STOCK, even though it was an unusual size and grate pattern (55" Hawaii pattern). They also had it at an excellent price. So, I ordered it with 2 day express shipping, figuring it was worth the $38 to get quickly (and the other dealer had cost me yet another day of delay). However, Motti from Flooring Supply Shop called me right away to say that, since I live locally to them (Los Angeles area), the product would reach me the next day without needing to pay for express shipping. WOW! Or he said I could even opt to pick it from them and forget shipping costs altogether. Needless to say, this amazing customer service was the diametric opposite of what I had experienced with the other dealer. I went with the standard shipping and the drain arrived the next day as promised. I usually don't write testimonials but I thought Motti and Flooring Supply Shop needed to be recognized. I told my contractor at 360 Remodeling about them as well. that other dealer could really take a lesson from these folks! Thanks, Motti! I'm sure I'm be ordering more things from you before this project is finished Dr. Lori H