Square Shower Drain Grates Brushed Nickel PVD

Square Shower Drain Grates Brushed Nickel PVD

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by Roger Moon
I was a little cautious ordering this item because it was the lowest price I was able to find, and had never ordered from here before. I used standard shipping and was very surprised to have it arrive within 2-3 days after order. It was high quality and in perfect condition. I also purchased the riser because I was converting from round to square. The threads adapted with no problem. Unfortunately it sat too high for me to use. I had already set my drain and used "quick pitch" to form the slope. Therefore the riser and grate could not be lowered enough to meet the floor tile. Otherwise I would've given it 5 stars. I am in the process of returning it. I would definitely recommend this product if you want a square drain but purchase it before you finish the floor and plan ahead for the height. Also, I have since purchased other items from here and have received the same outstanding service, quality, and quick delivery.