ATR Tile Leveling System DIY GRID Kits 250

ATR Tile Leveling System DIY GRID Kits 250

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by Graham Knight
I did my research and decided to use the DTA leveling system for my large tile project. After laying my first batch of tile I had problems with the system either breaking off too easily when tightening, or the caps not working at all. So I called Flooring Supply to ask if they would send me replacement caps for the ones that didn't grip the straps. They were great about it and were going to send them right away. However, after talking to the guy for a while on the phone it seemed apparent that he liked the ATR system a lot better. He suggested that I use this system instead. I decided to go with his advice I AM EXTREMELY GLAD that I did! This system is mush more solid, almost zero issues, and the end result is absolutely perfect. Definitely get the plastic bits for the caps. I attached one to a socket screwdriver for tightening, and the other to a cordless drill for taking them off.

This system is a bit more work with putting the caps and spacers together, but it is so worth it. My tile work is coming out absolutely perfectly (I'm a DIY'er laying 12x48" wood grain tile) and there is no way that would have happened with the DTA kit, or without the ATR Kit. Many thanks to Flooring Supply for steering me in the right direction with their advice, and for providing great customer service. I'd give 6 stars if I could.