Quartz Linear Drain Hair Trap Stainless Steel

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Quartz Linear Shower Drain Debris strainer

A stainless steel sieve/strainer that sits inside the 2" diameter outlet to collect hair and debris.

Note that use of strainer will reduce the flow performance of the shower channel.

Made of Polish Stainless steel 304

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  • Model: RD-HAIR-SS


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  • By Michael Serrano on Feb 24, 2017
    This works like it should and it fit my linear DreamDrain perfectly. It took some searching to find this hair trap but Flooring Supply had it. The only down side was the shipping, $14.24 for shipping and you sent it first class mail, if you're going to charge that much to ship something that weighs less than 6oz, at least send it UPS or FedEx.

Quartz Linear Drain Hair Trap Stainless Steel