QuickPitch Universal Center Ring for Square Drain

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Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring

This is the Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring that is compatible with the Ebbe square drain.

For use with Quick Pitch and any Square shower drains up to 4" square

How to use:

1. Select (A1) 3" or (A2) 2"

2. Snap proper adapter into (B) Universal Center Ring

3. Place Weep Protector

Include in this package;

1. (A1) 3" Threaded Riser Adapter

1. (A2) 2" Threaded Riser Adapter

Specification information

How to install Quick Pitch

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  • Model: QPUCR108
  • UPC: 669555010812


Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

  • By Jeff Miller on Jan 1, 2015
    The unit is sturdy plastic, and easy to assemble, and overall, performs well. I did have a few issues with it fitting over my drain. My thought is that it is sized for the drain that is sold at flooring supply, which may possibly be slightly smaller than the ones I typically use from either Home Depot, or Ferguson. The main issue is that in order to have the proper height of the metal drain cover, the top of the drain must be set so the threads are up, however, doing this does not allow the centering ring to be placed low enough. This problem would easily be eliminated if the drain sold by flooring supply has a slightly smaller outside diameter, thus allowing the center ring to rest on the shower pan, and not the drain flange, as was the case in, my situation. Unfortunately, I did not realize this during assembly or floating, and it was not until after the mortar was dry that I realized the drain cover would not thread up high enough to become flush with the finished tile. An easy fix, however. All that is needed is to unscrew the cover and remove the centering ring, then remove the top of the drain and flip it over. the inner flange of the centering ring needed to be removed to allow the removal of the drain top, which I accomplished by using a Fein vibrating cutter. Care must be taken if you try this so that no damage occurs to the pan liner, as it is very close to the bottom of the centering ring. Overall this is a good product, and seemed to be much faster than the old method of just throwing in dry pack, and creating a slope, with the added advantage of being able to not put mortar inside the centering ring at the time of floating the pan, thus allowing perfect adjustment to the top of the drain to the finished tile height. Simply add some pea gravel to the bottom and then fill in the remainder of the cavity with thin set at the time of tiling.
  • By Terry Strother on Jun 27, 2011
    Just the perfect for a custom square drain install....


QuickPitch Universal Center Ring for Square Drain