TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment System with 007

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TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment System with 007

100sq ft Thin Skin and 1 Gallon of 007 Glue

The TAVY Thin-Skin Two-Part Underlayment System will allow anyone to set tile over any sound surface.

The TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment is simply trimmed to size and glued to the existing area, using TAVY #007 Glue. Skim-coat the top of the TAVY Thin- Skin Underlayment and you’re ready to set tile

TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment is a technically engineered non-woven fiberglass reinforced fabric/paper

TAVY #007 Glue is a high-end multi-purpose adhesive high in solids, which will adhere to any surface. Scarifying the existing surface before use is not necessary. The only surface preparation required is to have a clean surface that is free from oil, water, wax and dust.

Tavy Thin-Skin use on:

• Plywood • Lumber • Linoleum • VCT • Vinyl • Cut Back Adhesive Residue • Formica Type Laminates • Sound Painted Surfaces • Porcelain • Plastic • Metal • Fiberglass • Corian • Cultured Marble • Dry Wall • Ceramic Tile • Porcelain Tile • Concrete


  • Increase tiling applications by eliminating tear outs of the existing surface
  • Allows for tile or stone to be set on any sound surface
  • Lightweight and easier to transport (less than 15 lbs. per 100 square feet)
  • NO dusty mess to clean up
  • NO additional height added to any surface as opposed to current underlayments
  • NO waste, all TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment pieces are usable regardless of size and shape
  • 25% - 50% lower cost than other underlayments
  • One roll of TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment and one gallon of TAVY Thin-Skin #007 Glue will cover 100 square feet
  • Thin-Skin Underlayment is ideal for making templates for difficult cuts
  • No need to buy or install nails/screws
  • Minimize overall load weight
  • Crack suppression up to 1/8" over concrete

5-Step Easy Installation

Step 1: Installer should sweep the sub-surface and make sure that the sub-surface is free from oil, wax, and dust.

Step 2: Apply TAVY Thin-Skin #007 Glue to the sub-surface using a minimum 1/8" v-notched trowel.

Step 3: Install TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment by unrolling the product into the wet #007 Glue. The Underlayment should be pressed into the #007 Glue with the flat edge of a trowel to remove all air and to ensure the bond between sub-surface and Underlayment.

No cure time is required moving from Step 3 to Step 4

Step 4: Mix a batch of mortar that is the consistency of syrup. This mortar is then used to Skim-Coat the Underlayment. The Skim-Coat is performed with the flat edge of a trowel. This procedure helps key-in the mortar to the Underlayment. The final dried result will be a surface that looks like a rough concrete floor.

Step 5: Start setting tile over the dry Skim-Coated Thin-Skin Underlayment according to industry standards as if you are tiling over any new clean tile-able surface or installed backer board system.

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  • Model: TAVY8500-007


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  • By Coe Gates on Dec 15, 2014
    The product works amazing. It really is a good way to not have to put down backer board. The downfall is no matter which way I apply the glue one bucket does not cover the 100 sq ft it says. You almost need to buckets to do 100sq ft. Also when putting it down I recommend some heavy rubber gloves or you will stick to anything and everything. Overall the ease of the product is wonderful and would definitely use it again over Ditra

TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment System with 007