PreFormed Curb ready for tile 3 feet

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PreFormed Tile Ready Curb 3ft

Dimensions: 36" long

Interior Dimension: Top 3 1/2" Wall A - 4 1/4" Wall B -3 3/4"

Exterior Dimension: Top 4 5/8" Wall A - 4 3/4" Wall B - 4 3/8"

PreFormed Ready to Tile Curbs unique design is ideal for traditional 2" x 4" installation. They are durable,watertight, and versatile -- PreFormed Curbs can also be used for knee walls and countertop edges.

PreFormed™ Curb components are simple, fast and easy to install. Whether your job calls for PVC pan liners or hot-tarred and leaded-in waterproof membranes, PreFormed™ Curb components are a perfect fit.

PreFormed™ Curbs are watertight, and durable, providing you with a worry free experience.

The material used to construct the PreFormed Curb is 100% waterproof.


- Waterproof: making them resistant to rot

- Fiberglass mesh wrap for added durability and tile adhesion.

- Light weight: easy to handle and install

- Quick and easy installation

- Can be installed and tiled in the same day

- No special training necessary

- Sloped per industry standards

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  • Model: IFC203


NOTE: Curb Overlay should be installed before installation of mortar bed and after installation of waterproof membrane.

  • Cut Curb Overlay to dimension of opening.
  • Coat inside of Curb Overlay with modified thinset mortar and place over pan liner.
  • Ensure the Curb Overlay is set firmly against curb structure.
  • After leveling Curb Overlay, secure with cap nail fastener on outside of curb structure.
    Do not compromise inside of curb structure with fasteners.
  • Apply a bead of polyurethane sealant where Curb Overlay meets the wall/jamb. Tile Installation Detail
  • Install tile in accordance with the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) guidelines.


Lightweight and durable.
Fiberglass mesh wrap for added durability and tile  adhesion.


Residential and commercial Suitable Substrates
Traditional 2 x 4 curb stack and waterproof membrane


A sheet membrane must be installed under PreFormed
Curb Overlays for total waterproofing.
Substrate must meet industry standards.
Mastics and silicones are never to be used.
Don’t expose to rubber solvents or ketones.
Don’t expose to sun or weather.


Curb Overlays are rated to 40 psi.

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  • By John Schaffner on May 18, 2016
    Great product. Easy to work with and install.


PreFormed Curb ready for tile 3 feet