PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Pan CUSTOM size


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Preformed Ready to Tile Shower Pan- Custom order

Price per sq inch

* Only at Flooring Supply Shop: Custom Size includes all of these features, and more:

• Any shape • Extra curb • Barrier free • Handicap Shower Pan • Double Curb • Drain position

• Selection of 10 square shower drain colors • Quart of Waterproofing • Cement Board Tape and more

This shower pan includes any of our Ebbe square Shower drains click here to select finish grade

* Special Order Please allow aprox 10 days lead time.

Drains are made of PVC or ABS

Use any thin-set setting material for installation

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations we offer the original preformed shower pans.

10 year Warranty


The Fin Pan PreFormed Shower Pan is a Ready to Tile, waterproof shower pan that can be installed in minutes, which reduces the time and labor involved with the old mud bed methods.

No need to build a frame just set it in place and you are ready for your tile installation.

Include Ebbe Square shower drain - screw-less with 10 finish color selections

Heavy duty Solid unit - not hollow parts

It is lightweight and has a built-in drain connection, so it's ultra-easy to handle and install.

The material used to construct the Fin Pan PreFormed Shower Pan is 100% waterproof, and is rot resistant.


- Waterproof and rot resistant

- Light weight, easy to handle, and install

- Time and labor savings

- Can be installed and tiled in the same day

- Drain assembly, and curb included

- No special training necessary

- Custom sizes can be ordered

- Sloped per industry standards

- listed by UPS/IAPMO to meet UPS PS 106-2010

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More Preformed Shower Pan Information

Preformed Shower Pan MSDS

Made in the U.S.A

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  • By Gary Anderson on Jun 26, 2011
    Yes. One installer could not bid because he'd never heard of it, but we found one who did and are very please with our beautiful new bathroom. Lauretta Anderson


PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Pan CUSTOM size