Raimondi Raizor Cutting System 10 ft. Scoring Guide Kit

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Raimondi Raizor Cutting System 10 ft. Scoring Guide Kit

RAIZOR is composed by: two connectable guides with cutting length of 5.2 ft. each 10.9 ft. when combined; die-cast cutting unit provided with wolfram carbide wheel Ø 5/8” and pin (pin rotates on bearings); cutting-off pliers for tiles/slabs with thickness from 1/8” - 1/4”; everything packed in a padded bag with shoulder-straps and provided with inside modular compartments and pocket.


  • 2 - 5.2 ft. TC10RAIZOR guides
  • 3 - Stain-free rubber suction cups
  • TC5LFSPLT cut off pliers for max thickness of 1/4" tile
  • TC16CRW scoring wheel
  • Protective carrying case
  • User guide

Available extension 3.4 ft long for Max 14 ft Raizor System

Cutting system for large format tiles up to 10.9 ft. cutting length. The TC10RAIZOR includes two 5.2 ft. guides, cutting unit and cutting-off pliers (TC5LFSPLT).

Two connectible guides with cutting length of 5.3 ft. each and 10.9 ft. combined. Made of extruded profiles with 3-stainfree suctions.

Suction cups prevent the cutting guide from moving during scoring for maximum precision. Handles for suction can perform at 180° as to not interfere with cutting.

The cutting unit is a fine adjusted system allowing perfect coupling between the cutting and the guide. Die-cast with wolfram carbide wheel Ø⅝” and pin.

HANDLES - Re-designed handles perform at a 180° to accommodate to cutting clearance.

SUCTION - Three (3) stain-free suction cups per guide prevents the cutting guides from moving during the scoring ensuring maximum precision.

CONNECTION - The guides, made of extruded aluminum profiles, connect to each-other or its extension with a pin-and-hole system. A total length of 15ft.


  • Guides are made of sturdy aluminum extruded profiles, each one with 3 stain-free suction cups Ø 88 mm (3 1/2”) - 6 suction cups in total.
  • Cutting system for large format tiles up to 10.9 ft. (14.7 ft. with optional extension), lightweight (19.8 lbs) and easy to transport.
  • The suction cups, extremely useful while measuring the size of the cut to be made, prevent the cutting guide to move during the scoring, ensuring the maximum precision. Also, they prevent the cutting guide to overturn, no matter how much pressure is applied during the scoring: this allows to effectively score even high thickness tiles.
  • The cutting unit is made of die cast aluminum and runs onto the guide thanks to 3 polyoxymethylene (wearing-resistant material) wheels; each equipped with two internal bearings. It is provided with fine adjustment systems (factory-calibrated) allowing the perfect coupling of the cutting unit with the guide. This allows both to eliminates any kind of play and to perfectly align the wolfram carbide cutting-wheel to the guide resulting in maximum efficacy, precision and quality of cut.
  • To cut tiles thicker than 6 mm (1/4”) use the pliers 169TM01AN (accessory). Made of sturdy galvanized steel they are provided with knob to apply progressive and precise pressure exactly on the scoring line.

PACKAGE - The system is packaged in a resistant padded bag which protects the product and makes it easy to carry around. The padded bag has a shoulder strap and provided with inside modular compartments and pockets.

Raimondi FREE-CUT System - VIDEO



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Raimondi Raizor Cutting System 10 ft. Scoring Guide Kit