Porcelain Soap Dish Shell Large - Bone Almond Matte

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Porcelain Soap Dish Shell Small - Bone Almond Matte

Color: Bone Almond Matte

Overall Size: 6" x 6 "

Back Insert = 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

For cleaning, use only all purpose cleaners.

How to install Ceramic Soap Shampoo Dish with tile surrounding

Installation of a ceramic Soap Shampoo Dish without tile surrounding

The above instruction call for Soap Dish or Toilet Paper Holder but can work for most bathroom accessories with similar backing



  • Model: H66S15


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  • By Bill Vitez on Sep 10, 2012
    I\'ve installed this product before to replace a standard metal soap dish with a plastic tray. The style and quality blend into the surrounding tile, the deep dish prevents soap from sliding out and the hole at the bottom of the dish allows excess water to drain away preventing soap from \"melting\" as with most other soap dishes. This item is not easy to find so I was happy to find it here when we decided to remodel our showers. Their processing and shipping were very fast and we had our order in 2 days.


Porcelain Soap Dish Shell Large - Bone Almond Matte