Recessed Shampoo Soap Porcelain Narrow White Glossy

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Porcelain Narrow Recessed Shampoo with Soap Dish

2 section recess

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Approx Size: 7 1/4" x 14"

Stylish and still versatile, this series of highly attractive premium porcelain and ceramic both accessories goes beyond the traditional needs of any bath environment. Offering multiple mountings for all types of surfaces and structures provides superb quality and value for both commercial and residential use.

Our porcelain and ceramics are designed using a distinctive glazing technique, providing the ability to coordinate with a variety of wall tile colors and create a single look unifying the entire tile area of any bathroom. Exceptional yet practical.

Our generous selection of hand-designed products perfectly adapt to any bath. Choices and opportunity to create an excellent and functional area are available at

For cleaning, use only all purpose cleaners.

This recess is ready for installation, with no need to waterproof.

Can be used for shower/bathroom

* Color variations inherent in all fired clay products



  • Model: BR797-C1


Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

  • By Steve Wood on Mar 8, 2014
    As of this moment, I have yet to install these niches. I ran into a delay on my construction project. The fixtures them self appear to be of high quality.
  • By Gregory Austin on Jan 15, 2012
    Product was great and easy to install. I called to ask about mounting the product into the wall and the person stated that I had to frame out the opening. That is not true on the framing, One can use an adhesive/sealant to adhere the product. Also glad to see this product is made in the "USA"
  • By Robert Simoneaux on Mar 9, 2010
    These look awesome! Easy to install, I just glued a piece of wood the right width to the back drywall and silicone the niches to the wood as well as around the opening and taped it for 24 hrs, put on a final bead of clear silicone and done. There not kidding about not removing the niche until you are ready to install, I took one of mine out and left the box open on the floor. I flipped it and put a hairline crack in it. Expensive lesson. Oh well!


Recessed Shampoo Soap Porcelain Narrow White Glossy