Structural Surfaces Claddy T-Shelf - Basket

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Structural Surfaces™ Claddy T-Shelf With Glass Cover - Basket

Glass Cover - Basket

Include Base shelf and Glass Cover

Available Base colors Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome and Oil Rub Bronze

Dimensions 9" length x 9" width x 2 1/2" height

NO SCREW, Will not violate waterproofing, plumbing or wiring no more drilling

The Victoria™ Series Structural Surface Shelves is a Structural Support Surface designed to allow any thin, soft, and fragile or mosaic tile to be installed horizontally, creating strength and stability. This tray is pre-sloped to ensure that water will never stand. Additionally, the decorative rim and underside is finished, allowing design connections to be made with other metals in the shower (such as plumbing trim). Carefully plan your personality; select shelving organization that provides unlimited tile material options, improving your bathing experience.


  • Claddy-T tile-over shelf tray with integrated card slot for thinset motor application (for ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass)
  • Dimensions 9" length x 9" width x 2 1/2" height
  • Tray is stainless steel with front edge and underside polished, brushed or powder coated (oil rub bronze) to match closely with other product finishes
  • Specify T400-001 Bella Vetro™ Series - Glass (only) for Claddy-T by color choice for installation or apply your own cut-to-size materials (ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass)

Shower Organization Ideas in Thinset and Tile Watch a set of pictures with some great ideas for your shower

  • Will not violate waterproofing, plumbing or wiring no more drilling
  • Tested by TCNA (Tile Council of North America) Designed specifically for tile applications by tile installers
  • Designed specifically for tile professionals
  • Encourages quick turnaround where shelving is required
  • Eliminates failures resulting from drilling into completed tile work - such as puncturing waterproofing, tile breakage, plumbing and wiring intrusions
  • Eliminates the need for wood blocking behind the wall
  • Installation can occur within the body of a tile or a grout joint
  • Learn how to install in minutes
  • No special tools required

Installation Instructions - Video

Installation Instructions - Read


  • Model: T300-400-Basket

Simply the Easiest Installation System for Tile Shelving

How to Install

  1. Determine Basket Location
    • Determine the wall surface where the PermaTile Fastener should be located.
    • Apply thin-set mortar with no less than a 1/4"x 3/8" notched trowel. Warning: Use only latex modified mortars that meet ANSI A118.4 performance standard
  2. Understand Fastener
    • Plastic thumb screws should not be removed until after grouting.

    Technical Fact:

    • Each PermaTile Fastener is constructed from high quality, solid stainless steel materials.
    • The welded fastener is equipped with 8-32 internal thread studs.

    Warning: Each threaded stud is covered with a plastic thumb turn screw to prevent thin-set mortar from corrupting thread. Do not remove until after grouting.

  3. Install PermaTile Fastener
    • Press the PermaTile Fastener into the combed thin-set mortar at the predetermined location.
    • Key thin-set mortar into the back side of tile to ensure proper contact and adhesion.
    • Adjust as necessary, setting studs directly on tile edge.
  4. Notch Tile

    Warning: Notches and holes should not exceed 3/8" in diameter to ensure ferrule has sufficient surface area and will cover holes.

    • Mark left side notch location.
    • Mark right side notch location.
    • Using an angle grinder, remove enough material allowing 1/16" of adjustment side to side and up and down.
  5. Install Notched Tile

    This completes the fastener installation portion. Continue setting all other tile, allowing proper cure time as specified by thin-set manufacturer.
    Warning: Do not proceed with accessory installation until after thin-set mortar has met minimum curing requirements specified by manufacturer.

    • Key thin-set mortar into the back side of tile to ensure proper contact and adhesion.
    • Press tile into wall and adjust as necessary.
  6. Install Ferrules
    Installation can immediately proceed to accessory mounting after grouting is completed.
    • Simply slip ferrules over studs.
    • Included with each basket assembly are two ferrule styles. Each style contains two pieces.

    Technical Facts:

    Ferrule Styles

    • Standard Wall Ferrules are 7/16" in length and will work with all tiles 1/4" to 7/16 in thickness.
    • Thin Wall Ferrules are 5/8" in length and will work with all tile thicknesses under 1/4".
  7. Install Basket Accessory
    Each basket accessory is drilled with two countersunk holes that will match stud location.
    • Simply insert 8-32 stainless steel screw through basket hole and attach to fastener stud.
    • Using a 6" phillips head screw driver, attach screw firmly to basket accessory. Observe in photograph that the screw driver is situated under top rail to avoid scratching.
    • After basket is installed, use a level to determine if basket is level. Adjust physically with your hands and retighten screws.

    Warning: Make sure screw and stud are parallel to avoid cross-threading. Turn carefully, cross-threading will require fastener removal.

  8. Install Decorative Plugs
    • Included with each basket assembly are two decorative plugs. Plugs will cover drilled holes for screw attachment.
    • Place plug over exposed hole and press to insert. Ease of installation requires that all prongs evenly enter drilled hole
  9. Installation complete.


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Structural Surfaces Claddy T-Shelf - Basket