SunTouch ProMelt Snow Melting 277 Volt 2 x 9

SunTouch ProMelt Snow Melting 277 Volt 2 x 9

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SunTouch® ProMelt™ Snow Melting Mat - 18 sq

Multiply Mats can be combined to cover larger areas

277 Volt - Special order 3-4 day lead time


2' x 9' 50 watt sq 3.2 Amp 77 - 94 ohms

Pre-woven snow melting mats for quick and simple installations.

SunTouch ProMelt products are a simple way to eliminate snow and ice from stair way, drive way, entry way and more.

ProMelt Mat is a complete heating mat consisting of a series resistance heating cable and a single power lead for easy single-point connection. The heating cable is pre-formed into a mat to provide consistent spacing and quick roll-out installation on the job site. The heating mat length cannot be cut to fit.

Fast and easy snow removal.
ProMelt is designed for small to medium sized projects for your residence or commercial building.
Contractors love it because it’s simple and goes in quickly.
Home Owners love snow-free surfaces and the lower installed cost.

Prevent accidents

  • Reduce slips & falls on steps & walkways.
  • Reduce "tracked-in" ice, snow & water.
  • Reduce auto accidents.

Prevent damage

  • Avoid salt damage to cars, floors & plants.
  • Protect textured surfaces from snowplows.
  • Protect landscaping from snowplows.

A tough product for a tough job.
ProMelt heating mats are built to last. They're made with low-oxygen copper elements covered with high-temperature ETFE insulation, a braided copper ground shield, and a super-tough polyurethane outer jacket for jobsite extremes.

ProMelt is well-suited in commercial and residential applications where first cost is important and mechanical rooms are small.

Follow these recommendations when selecting ProMelt Mats:

1. Determine what voltage will be used: 120VAC, 208VAC, 240VAC, or 277VAC.

2. Determine the heat output. The climate and amount of snowfall will dictate this choice. In general, most systems will require 50 Watts/Sq. Ft. spacing to melt snow and ice. Some residential or light commercial systems in temperate climates may need only 38 Watts/Sq. Ft. spacing.

3. Determine the square footage of the area to be melted. Do not include areas under built-ins like planters or similar obstructions. Stay 3-6" from edges of slabs and do not cross expansion joints if possible. Add up all the areas to be melted and round down the nearest mat size(s) to fill the area. Either 2'-wide or 3'-wide mats can be selected.

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SunTouch ProMelt Installation Manual

SunTouch 25 years Warranty



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SunTouch ProMelt Snow Melting 277 Volt 2 x 9