Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pad Cheetah 5 Inch Set of 5

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Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pad - Cheetah 5” Set

Available Grit: Step 1 - Aggressive Grit, Step 2 - Moderate Grit, Step 3 - Light Grit, Step 4 - Finishing Grit Step 5 - Finishing Touch Polishing Pad 11,000 Grit

Environmentally Friendly

Hand Machines - 5” (600-3000 rpm)

The Fastest Stone Restoration System On The Planet!!!

Polish like a pro Better than factory finish in less time, every time

Step one is to remove deep scratches

Step two is to remove mild to moderate scratches and etching

Steps three and four are to prepare the surface for polishing

  • Very easy To Use
  • Up to 70% reduction in labor
  • As much as 75% lower cost
  • Work well on any floor buffer, orbital or planetary machine
  • No heavy duty equipment required
  • Extremely fast cutting
  • No chemicals used, only water
  • No acidic components
  • Extreme concentration of micro abrasives
  • Works incredibly well on ALL Marbles, Travertine, Limestone, Terrazzo and Polished Concrete
  • Chemical free Diamond pads are an Eco Friendly way to achieve a dull hone on Travertine, Marble, or Limestone Floors, countertops or walls.
  • Use on floors walls or countertops with little to no lippage (uneven tiles).
  • Pads remove wear and provide a variety of appearance levels from dull hone (no shine) to highly polished.
  • Safe on all stones and tile, will not damage any stone
  • Professional strength formula.

Environmentally Friendly

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Made in the U.S.A

Eco friendly Instruction for polishing Granite and Marble - Video


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  • UPC: 726670552068


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Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pad Cheetah 5 Inch Set of 5