InvisaTread Anti Slip Traction Wash Gallon

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InvisaTread® Anti-Slip Traction Wash - Gallon

Traction Wash InvisaTread® Perfect Combination

Environmentally Friendly

Recommended 1 Quart of Traction Wash for every gallon of Anti slip Indoor or Outdoor or 1 gallon for 3 Gallon of Anti Slip

100% biodegradable - No Bio Buildup - No Phosphates - No Phenols - No Solvents - No Scents - Low Foaming - No residue - Fast acting - No VOCs

Greater increased slip resistance starts and continues with proper cleaning and floor maintenance. We proudly add Traction Wash™ to the InvisaTread® family of products.

For a complete Traction Management SystemTM use TractionWash™ as a pre-wash prior to applying InvisaTread® or InvisaTread Outdoors®. Traction Wash™ is formulated to rinse clean and leave no residue. For routine floor maintenance and optimum increase in COF and slip protection, use Traction Wash™ prior to application and after treatment.

Will not harm plastics, metals, rubbers, vinyl, painted and unpainted surfaces, wood, glass, concrete, asphalt and other surfaces.Removes micro-dust, pollution, heavy grime, soot, adhesives, grease and other contaminants with no soapy residue or streak

Traction Wash™ does not contain any dyes, scents, VOCs, ODS, phosphates, phenols or solvents.

Dilution Ratios:

  • 1 : 32 for routine floor care
  • 1 : 10 for heavy grime
  • 1 : 1 for floor stripping

Caution: Eye and Skin Irritant

• Bathtubs & Showers • Pool Areas • Entryways • Walkways • Porcelain • Honed Stone • Ceramic Tile • Concrete • Granite • Acrylic • Terrazzo • Slate • Limestone • Glazed Brick • Glass And much more.

InvisaTread Product Description - InvisaTread Application Instructions - InvisaTread Anti-Slip Solution FAQ

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  • By Peter Davies on Jul 17, 2011
    We use it everyday since we applied Invisatread in our restaurant. Our floors and grout have never been so clean!!!


InvisaTread Anti Slip Traction Wash Gallon