Raimondi Pro Bit Hole Saw 1 inch

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Raimondi Porcelain Pro Drill Bit 1"

Superior quality bits for coring/drilling hard material

Tested and Proven! Cut up to 50 Holes per bit! With water and proper use.

Use for:

Porcelain, Granite Ceramic, Marble, Glass, Hard PVC

For use with handheld drill

Drill press (cordless drill not recommended USE WET ONLY

Size- 1” 25mm

RPM - 800 - 2500

How to use

Step 1

Put tile/plate on solid non-slip base such as wood or concrete plate. Drop water on area where hole is to be made

Step 2

Start drilling hole at 75- 85 angle to bite into the tile to a depth of 1-2mm (1/16")

Step 3

Hold drill at 90 angle and swing 5 - 10 to finish drilling. Use very little pressure. Do not push straight down. Make sure water is sufficient to wet bit.

Step 4

Clean out debris after drilling hole

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Raimondi Pro Bit Hole Saw 1 inch