Shower System Vinyl kit Oversized Shower

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Complete Shower Floor Drainage Kit Oversized Shower

This Shower Floor Drain Kit will cover up to Apex 66" x 72 " shower (for larger shower please contact us)

Kit Includes:

1 Quick Pitch, 1- Pre Pitch, 2 - Kirb Perfect, 3 Extra single Quick Pitch, 3 Extra Pre Pitch, 3 Extended single Quick Pitch, 3 Extended Pre Pitch 1 Weep Hole Protector, 1- Universal Center ring, 1 - 4" Royal Square Drain - 1 Strainer - 1 Stainless Steel Hair Trap, 1 Rubber Fitting
72 " x 84" Composeal Vinyl waterproofing - 2 - Composeal Curb Protectors 2 - Composeal Inside corners 1 - Composeal Solvent Cement

Quick Pitch

The Quick Pitch Float Stick Shower Floor Drainage Kit System permits easy construction of shower floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4" per 12" run.

With this time-saving system there is now no chance for an error in measurement, or the need for a level, to achieve a properly sloped shower floor.

Designed for an area where the drain is no further than 36" from any wall or curb.

For larger areas, Extra and Extended kits are available.

Royal Square Shower Drain


  • Stainless Steel 304 Body and Grate
  • 2" diameter Central vertical outlet
  • Bodies are fully welded and leak tested prior to dispatch
  • No Screws
  • Superior Quality
  • Most Durable Finishes Available
  • Easily Maintained. No Special Cleaning

Simple cuts are easily made, and waste little precious time. Royal drains by Serene Steam are sized to match standard 1/2”, 1”, 2”, and 4” tile without cutting. When cutting is needed, cuts are straight saw cuts. No grinding to match a radius. Consider how much easier glass mosaics will be to install.

Composeal Blue Vinyl Shower Pan Membrane

Composeal is used generally under tile or marble as a waterproofing membrane beneath a "thick set" mortar bed of 1 1/4"-2" above a substrate of wood or concrete.

Composeal 30 and 40 comply with the three major plumbing codes: UPC-IAPMO, SBCCI and BOCA.

Composeal vinyl Installation

Before placing pan, see that the sub-floor is sloped toward drain 1/4" per foot using cement mortar if necessary, and is free of loose objects or projections such as nail heads or gravel.

Make turn-up along walls not less than 3" above curb line, allowing sufficient material to fasten to outside face of curb.

Notch wood studs to 1/2" to the height of the pan to allow Composeal to be flush with face of the studs. For metal studs, use furring strips (1/4" to 1/2") above the top of the pan.

Fasten 3" or higher above the top of curb. Use flat head roofing nails or staples on wood studs. Use drywall screws and washers on metal studs.

Fold corners outside pan as illustrated. Allow for plumb surface by turning corner folds of pan out of the way between studs and notch studs or use furring strips mentioned above to maintain a flush surface. Do not cut pan corners.

Use a bold-down clamping-ring type drains with weep-holes. Set so sub drain lip is flush with subfloor.

Trim the drain exactly to the size of the drain opening. Do not trim out to bolt holes, but pierce to accommodate bolts with a tight fit.

Use butyl caulk or an equivalent between pan and sub drain. Plug sub drain and fill pan with water and let stand for 24 hours to insure clamping ring is tight and pan undamaged. Bolt clamping ring firmly. Place a small amount of gravel or other porous material at weep holes so they remain clear when setting bed is poured. In areas under the jurisdiction of the UPC/IAPMO plumbing code, a 15 lb. felt underlayment is required under 30 mil shower pan liners. (The City of Los Angeles no longer requires this underlayment.) No underlayment is required for use with Composeal 40 mil thickness.

Installation Instructions - READ

Quick Pitch with Roll-on or Vinyl - READ

Video Library Section - English and Espanol

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  • By Leon Violante on Apr 24, 2012
    this system was the best ever, easy to set up and use, EVERYTHING was there, the phone support was fantastic! thank you so much, pic to follow!
  • By Patrick Pyo on Mar 2, 2012
    This has everything you need to make your own custom shower pan. One thing is the kit didn\'t have a long enough Curb Perfect kit for my shower so I had to reorder another section and pay for shipping again.


Shower System Vinyl kit Oversized Shower