SunTouch LoudMouth Monitor

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LoudMouth Monitor

LoudMouth Monitor This monitoring device ensures your in floor radiant heated floor system is installed correctly.
Radiant floor heating installation has never been easier, and with the ability to monitor up to three mats simultaneously, you can rest assured lead wires have not come loose from terminals and damage has not occurred to the heating product when installing the radiant floor heating.

Ensure A Quality Installation with the NEW LoudMouth.

Watts SunTouch was the inventor of this handy device. It’s a must for every job.
The LoudMouth monitors SunTouch, WarmWire, or UnderFloor heating elements during the entire installation process and sounds an alarm if the heating elements are cut or damaged, allowing for easy repair before the heating elements are covered with finished flooring or insulation.
The LoudMouth gives you the assurance of a quality installation.

Features include
• 9-volt battery power • on/off switch • green light to indicate operation • red light to indicate damage to heating elements • test button to verify proper operation • and a very loud alarm.

Watch the VIDEO how to use the Loudmouth

SunTouch LoudMouth Operating Instruction


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  • By Teresa Brown on Oct 14, 2011
    product functions as advertised and it's a good idea during installation


SunTouch LoudMouth Monitor