Edge Strip 6 Pieces Kits

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Edge Strip 6 Pieces Kits 24 ft

Edge Strip Self the Leveling Strip Guide

Dimensions: 4' x 2" x 8mm = 5/16" (They may be doubled up creating 5/8" or even tripled up to 15/16")

The "Edge Strip Kits" are a brand new product that aides with the installation and use of all Self-leveling applications. The strips come with a peel and stick - pressure sensitive adhesive - applied to each one. A perimeter boarder of the desired area is then installed. By using the edge strips, the SLU (Self-Leveling Underlayment) is contained within the desired area.

A strip installed at the door threshold protects the adjacent areas from the SLU. When pouring the Self-leveling underlayment, it will flow to the strips and rest flush with the top on them creating a smooth level transition. Any floor heating vents may be protected by the ESKs also. Installing the strip over the floor vent and then pouring and allowing the SLU to dry. The next day the strip can easily be cut out with a standard utility knife, exposing the floor vent.

An additional benefit for the use of Edge Strip Kits is with the installation of electric floor heating systems, either cable or mats. The ESKs are installed around the perimeter of the area where the floor heat will be installed. The floor heat is then installed as per instructions. A Self-leveling underlayment is then poured over the cable/mat. The strips then allow the SLU to be contained as it encapsulates and protects the wire for the tile installation stage.

Why use Edge Strip?

1) Ensures self-leveling compound dry’s to a flat tiling surface saving time and material (thinset).

2) No worrying about damaging the heat wire or having proper thinset coverage under the tile.

3) A flat surface ensures a flat tile install with no lippage.

Edge Strip Kits are a new innovative product designed to make installing floor heating systems faster and easier.
Using Edge Strip Kits and a self-leveling compound decreases the risk of damaging the heat wire and ensures a nice flat surface to lay your tile.

Edge Strip Kits provide a guide, around the perimeter of the room, for the self-leveling compound to fill in and over the heat mat or cable. Decreasing the chance of damaging the heat wire while troweling thinset during tiling.

Watch Edge Strip Installation Video

Edge Strip Kits can be used to install these floor heating systems:

SunTouch® Radiant floor warming mats
Thermosoft - ThermoTile®
Laticrete - Floor HEAT Mat
Nuheat - Standard Mats or Cable System
WarmlyYours - TempZone™ and The ValueMat™
Warmup - Electric Floor Heating Systems.
Easyheat - Warm Tiles Floor Warming Mats.


  • Model: ESK248K


Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)

  • By Bradley Piening on Nov 3, 2014
    Edge Strip Kits are a MUST HAVE if you are installing electric cable heating under your floor. All you do is peel and stick these babies around the perimeter of your entire floor and pour your Self Leveling Underlayment. The height of the strips are perfect for covering loose laid cable or cable mats, it also allows you to effortlessly monitor the thickness of the SLU and the strips contain the SLU to the area you are working on. These strips are awesome !!
  • By Patrick Mulvany on May 9, 2014
    Such a simple concept, but such a brilliant result! I simply dammed the perimeter outside my heating strips, did one last continuity check, and poured my SLU. It helped that the it was a high quality plywood subfloor, and the edge strips were really just there to allow an SLU pour which would totally immerse the heat strips while bringing the rest of the floor up to the new level. It worked exactly as advertised, and I now have a new tile floor with radiant heating. My feet are so happy....
  • By Douglas Olson on Apr 3, 2014
    I like the strips. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. It made finishing the floor with self leveling material easy for the floor heating wires. I will use them again if I do another similar floor.


Edge Strip 6 Pieces Kits