QuARTz ShowerPoint Square Drain

QuARTz by Aco ShowerPoint Square Shower Drain

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Available in Locking and Non-Locking

The ShowerPoint range incorporates a chrome plated ABS plastic body with choice of 5 grade 304 electro polished stainless steel grate designs. Grates are provided with a lockdown for additional security in public places.

The luxurious, electro polished stainless steel ShowerPoint complement the latest in luxurious, spa-like bathroom design with the performance and finish expected from the world-leading drainage manufacturer.

Outlet connections - 2” pipe connection with either threaded coupling attachment for membranes clamp, 2” no-hub adjustable coupling, or solvent weld connection. The fitting is universal and is compatible with all 2” threaded shower drains.

ShowerPoint Drains Features

  • Size: 6” (150mm) square drain with choice of grate designs
  • Security: lockable grates for added security in public areas.
  • LED light option - red, green, blue or whitewater activated LED light option available.

Plumbing connections are easy with a number of options, including standard 2” NPS thread, 2” no-hub adjustable coupling or solvent weld connection.

Water activated lights, similar to those offered in the QuARTz linear channels, are available for increased ambiance and are supplied in a choice of red, green, blue or white.

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QuARTz ShowerPoint Square Drain
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  • Quartz ShowerPoint Square Shower Drain Quadrato

    Quartz ShowerPoint Square Shower Drain Quadrato

  • Quartz ShowerPoint Square Shower Drain Wave

    Quartz ShowerPoint Square Shower Drain Wave

  • Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Blue

    Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Blue

  • Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Red

    Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Red

  • Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Green

    Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Green

  • Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint White

    Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint White