StringA Level

StringA-Level Tile Support Tool

Stringa-Level saves time and money!

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STRINGA-LEVEL will quickly conform to any wall, regardless of shape or contour. Rounded walls, inside or outside corners won't stop Stringa Level.

This revolutionary new tool was designed to simultaneously attach and level a continuous stringer on which to stack heavy or large format tile vertically.

No more cutting or trying to straighten warped wood in order to build the all important 1st course.

Stringa-Level Interlocking straight or flexible sections, with leveling bubbles built into each piece to ensure accuracy and precision.

3 rigid sections along with 2 ingenious "Living Levels" will effectively accommodate the average size shower.

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StringA Level
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  • Stringa Level Economy Kit

    Stringa Level Economy Kit

  • Stringa Level Start Up Kit

    Stringa Level Start Up Kit

  • Stringa Level Rigid - Red

    Stringa Level Rigid - Red

  • Stringa Level Flexible-Yellow

    Stringa Level Flexible-Yellow