Hand colored Glass Tiles

Hand Colored Glass Tiles

Available Sizes; 2 x 2, 4 x 4 and 2 x 12

Stain and fade resistant, Easy to maintain

Shade may vary from picture

1. Hand colored Glass Tiles is made of clear glass with a foil backing. Each piece is colored by hand so each piece is different.
2. Five of the colors have color highlights, the remaining colors do not.
3. The color highlights are random on the five colors.
4. Some colors are V2 in shading and some are V3. Make sure the product is inspected by the end user before installing to avoid any issues. No refunds or adjustments of any kind will be made by International Flooring Center, inc. / FlooringSupplyShop.com after the product is installed.
5. Hand Colored Glass may be installed on interior wall areas, in wet or dry locations, and on floors in light traffic areas, such as a bathroom or powder room in a home. It can also be used as an insert around the edge perimeter of a room. High traffic areas such as entrance halls are not recommended. It can be used in most vertical commercial installations. Also see ANSI 137.1
6. Do not use sizes larger than 4 x 4 on the floor due to it being slippery.
7. Glass can scratch, especially on floors.

Limitations Do not use in pools, outside, on kitchen counters, or in steam showers.

Because this is a “fashion on the back style” of glass it has a clear edge. In some cases after the installation you may be able to look thru the surface of the tile and out thru the edge and see the union where the thin-set and grout meet. This is a characteristic of all “fashion on the back” glass regardless of the manufacturer. If this is a concern, using white grout will blend with the white thin-set. You can always do a test installation with a few pieces before proceeding. An example of a temperamental installation would be black glass with black grout and white thin-set. If a dark colored grout is desired gray thin set might be a better choice for the adhesive.

Hand colored Glass Tiles Care and Installation Instructions

Hand colored Glass Tiles
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